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with arizona? i had to go back in 2010 and try to understand beyond the screaming and the shouting in the headlines, what was the real historical cull -- cultural context that brought us here? i had to find the stories. i went to one who nuzzled into a chair in a warehouse, collective of artists in tucson. for more than a decade, she traveled across the country in an old beat up band donated by a punk band to tell her story, her story to fight off illness and death. jeff, i don't have documents either. i am autumn. our reservation, as you know, from your friend, nathan, who brought you into the world, i had done a walk about in 1991 to understand the desert, and the desert of the perspective, as big as connecticut, area so large, but we only cared about 74 miles, the line of demarcation changed us and them, but autumn says we have been here. we didn't cross your border. the border crossed us. 24,000, but 7,000 do not have documents, several thousand left behind in 18 # 54 when some confederate promoters wanted the railroad in arizona, have the gap in purchase and line of demarcatio
arizona y missouri tienen dos multimillonarios por un golpe de suerte en la loterÍa powerball. >> ¿cuÁnto pagarÍa por una taza de cafÉ para tener buena conversaciÓn con los amigos? noticiero telemundo comienza ya. >> noticiero telemundo con josÉ dÍaz-balart. >> buenas tardes, comenzamos en nueva york con las expectativas que ha generado el funeral del ex boxeador hÉctor el macho camacho cientos de seguidores del 7 veces campeÓn de boxeo, se preparan para darle el Último adiÓs a su Ídolo que serÁ sepultado el prÓximo sÁbado, isolda nos amplÍa desde nueva york. >> en este club de boxeo del bronx, recuerda con nostalgia la Época en que brevemente entrenÓ a hÉctor macho camacho cuando todos le llamaban camacho la promesa del barrio. >> a pesar que fue campeÓn mundial nunca se le fue a la cabeza como dice la gente, siempre compartÍa conmigo, en donde querÍa que me veia siempre ocupar times compartamos. >> el 7 veces campeÓn mundial de boxeo llegÓ anoche a nueva york, despuÉs del aterrizaje e en el aeropuerto kennedy el pefÉretro fue trasladado a queens en donde solament
, this is the electoral map, jeff flake's race in arizona was one of the few contested senate seats that was in reach for the republicans, but it appeared the republicans actually did reach. but today the democrat in that race, former surgeon general richard carmona, kind of essentially hinted at not conceding that race. his campaign today, saying they might have declared defeat too soon. they are now watching the vote count in arizona very closely. as of this weekend, arizona had not counted roughly one in every four votes that were cast in the election. still, half a million votes left to count and a bunch of close races in the state are hanging in the balance. this botched election in arizona, which is still not over, and the remarkable, potential unconcessioned u.s. senate race by richard carmona, may ultimately go back to this guy. >> as you know, 250 citizens of this valley, this state, came to me. asking me as the head of a law enforcement agency to look into president obama's birth certificate as released by the white house in april of 2011 on the official white house website. as we suspect,
, i'll bill weir. well, today in arizona, a 77-year-old man took his first free breath in 38 years. of course, people leave prison every day in this country, but what makes this moment extraordinary are the twists and turns that preceded it. the double homicide, the exwife's accusations, the desperate decades spent trying to prove innocence. abc's dan harris has been following this story for years, and brings us the very latest in this "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: you are looking at bill macumber's first breaths of freedom, after serving 38 years for a double murder he says he did not commit. >> big day, family day. >> reporter: this scene, the culmination of an astonishingly nasty fight between macumber and two powerful women. his ex-wife and also the governor of arizona. late today, at his first news conference, macumber cried when talking about the lawyers who fought to get him out. >> excuse me, excuse the emotion, but -- i'm here because of all these people. so -- i wouldn't be here without them. >> reporter: in the 1970s, macumber was convicted of killing two young
settled in arizona where they are still counting. so it was awkward enough when mr. mcconnell thought reporters would stand there silently and take their picture after he gave those brief remarks. it got much, much worse when the reporters decided not to just take pictures. they were going to speak. >> the election is behind us, and we're ready to get started. thank you, everyone. >> senator mcconnell, are you comfortable with the investigation that is taking place in the petraeus affair and do you believe that the fbi should have notified congress earlier about this matter? >> thank you everybody. thank you, everybody. >> senator elect flake, do you agree with senator mcconnell? >> did you get your official result, senator flake? is it senator flake? >> we're comfortable. >> are you going to compromise. >> come on guys, go. come on. >> can you not push me and push everybody else. >> yup, push it along. >> push it along. nothing to see here, even though we invited you here to watch us sit here in these chairs. we didn't want you to speak to us once we stopped talking. meanwhile, over
arizona, podran recibir historia mexicoamericana >> se suman a la causa en la historia de miles de desaparecidos , y se suma también un eclipse total de sol. >> este es su noticiero univisión edición nocturna. ♪ >> muy buenas noches, la cupula militar envuelta en el escándalo en la renuncia del director de la compañía, el principal comandante en afghanistán, john allen forma parte de la investigación que el fbi lleva en el caso, comenzamos con eestudiante historia. >> otro general y otra mujer fueron agregados a la baraja de protagonistas en la reunon patrimonial, el general de 4 estrellas en afghanistan john allen, y nataly la hermana gemela de kelly, la mujer que prendió las alarmas, enviaron cartas personales a un juez en washington dc para interceder y no le quietaran la custoria de su hijo, el general en su carta escrita le dice al juez que "hemos visto una relación muy amorosa" una madre que busca proporcionar a su hijo un buen desarrollo, y el general dice "ella e suna madre dedicada" cuya prioridad es proveer el cuidado y desarrollo a su hijo, 2 de los generales
not support the guy who won, they supported the democrat shelley berkley and arizona senate ref flake won by five points. arizona women picked the democrat picked richard carmona. governor's race in indiana, republican mike pence was elected won by four points. if you asked women, they did not pick him. he lost the women's voice by five points. if indiana had their way, mike pence would not be the governor of that state. women chose the democrat john greg. north carolina was one of two states president obama won in '08 and didn't win this time around. mitt romney won north carolina by three points this year but if you asked north carolina women, they prefer barack obama thank you very much. romney barely won the state overall because he had big enough numbers with men to make up for it but lost among north carolina women. they did not change their preference from 2008. they voted for president obama again this year. this might have happened in other states. we only had it for 31 states, not 50. i think due to financial reasons. we don't know what happened to the other states it's a traged
has finally concluded in arizona, where it took them 14 days to count votes and announce the results this year. in the end, it turns out that all three competitive congressional races in that state went to the democrats. but the competitive u.s. senate race for republican jon kyl's old seat, that seat stayed republican. and yes, the county sheriff who did the whole taxpayer-funded stunt about having his cold case posse uncover the fraud of president obama's birth certificate, that sheriff did get re-elected, barely. last time he won by a 13-point landslide. this time he won by much less than that, but did get re-elected. and that public publicity-hungry arizona sheriff is not the only arizona official who has lately been fixated on the president's birth certificate. the arizona secretary of state this year threatened to keep president obama off the ballot in arizona for this year's election. because, you know, kenya, or whatever. and because that is the record of arizona's secretary of state, the state's current top elections official, i think nobody had very high expectations for hi
of the margin. >> and finally, arizona. >> democrats have made republicans work for it. a former surgeon general. an oppressive police and military background. flake suffered from a bruising primary. he had to spend a lot of this money. we are seeing the state go back to a republican lean. rounding will win comfortably. we sought -- we saw mitt romney cut an ad for jeff flake. turnout could be key. there is a large lbs population there. -- lds population there. they are breeding -- breathing a little bit easier. >> there is always a supply store -- surprise or two on election night. what do you look for? >> pennsylvania is a state that we did not look at as competitive. bob casey was caught sleeping. he did not take this race seriously. i think obama still has a narrow edge. i think casey will pull this out. democrats have had to go in and help him. what we are looking for, if scott brown does not pull it out in massachusetts early on, and tim kaine slightly has an edge in virginia, it becomes difficult for republicans. republicans would be happy for a win at 3. democrats have good candidates. e
against arizona state and at ucla. i think ucla if they win tonight goes into the driver's seat, they're playing arizona this evening. but arizona -- excuse me, usc/ucla head to head could end up deciding this thing, which would almost be, what is that a "back to the future" remember the good old days when we would turn on the game that decided the pac-8 title -- >> gus: that's right. >> charles: -- before the pac-10. if that happens conceivably, they could get a rematch with the same oregon team. >> gus: as we take a look at the pac-12 south standings. >> charles: if usc takes the loss and goes to 6-3 and ucla finds a way to win tonight against arizona and goes to 7-2, they take control. but, remember, head to head's your first tiebreaker, so if usc can win out and beat ucla head to head down the stretch, if ucla is still that team, they still have title hopes on the usc campus. still got arizona state to play also. >> gus: so, first down for the trojans at the oregon 37. barkley. in trouble! and matt barkley going down. taylor hart getting into the backfield, and that is a sack for
we know what needs to be done to fix the problems and it's not being done on purpose. but arizona, right now, is a hot and heavy contender at this point for at least exhibit "b." and unlike florida, arizona is still not even done yet. not even with this year's election. stay tuned. there will be more on this. yet. not even with this year's election. stay tuned there will be more on this. "first look" is up next. >>> breaking news on "first look," new brombshells in the general petraeus scandal. now general john allen is connected to jill kelley, details ahead. plus a late-night search by the fbi of paula broadwell's home in charlotte. all of this as we face wide-swinging weather patterns that seem to defy anything we've seen before. breaking new s overnight in the scandal that brought down general petraeus. now the man who oversaw general petraeus in the afghanistan war is under investigation himself. general john allen is accused of "inappropriate communications" with jill kelley, the florida woman whose complaints of e-mail harassment started the initial investigation. a senior
. live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. next we take you to arizona for u.s. senate debate between republican jeff flake and democratic candidate richard carmona. they are vying for the senate seat left open by jon kyl. courtesy of kawc radio. >> welcome to the debate on the campus on school of arizona, yuma. we will begin with 92nd opening statements from jeff flake and trento. they will take questions from a panel of journalists related to life outside the metropolitan areas. built into the schedule is an additional four minutes, should the moderator or panelists have a follow-up. we have news director anna chaulk, joyce lobeck and michelle faust. joining us today are over 300 residents. they have agreed to respect the candidates and listened silently during the debate with the exception of right now. ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome congressman jeff flake and doctor richard carmona, congressman for the united states senate. [applause] >> gentlemen, thank you both for coming for this debate. let's get started with opening statements. we first start with doctor richard carmon
is the democrats' greatest hope for ending a nearly two decade republican hold on the state of arizona. maybe that's why senate candidate richard carmona has been spotted with one of the party's standard bearers. >> i was honored when this man, a life-long independent, decided he would run on our party's ticket for the united states senate, not because i thought he would be a party lineman down the line, but because i thought he believed in the fundamental things that matter today. and here they are. shared prosperity is better than trickle-down economics. >> we will talk to dr. carmona about his tightly contested race, and how immigration figures prominently, when we return here live to democracy plaza, next on "now." i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food
sold in arizona, another in a tiny town in missouri, where, tonight, winners have come forward, but will not be announced until tomorrow. in the meantime, the 496 neighbors of that town are eyeing each other and asking, "is it you?" we have two reports tonight, starting with abc's alex perez from the tiny, lucky town of dearborn, missouri. alex? >> reporter: well, diane, this is a teeny tiny town. in fact, this is the only cafe in the small downtown area here, and all day, there's been just one question that everyone is asking. who won the jackpot? welcome to dearborn, missouri, a small farming community, population, just 496. and possibly home to one of america's newest multimillionaires. >> we want to know who won. that's about it. >> reporter: at cook's corner cafe, a place where everybody knows your name, everyone seems to be staring at each other a little closer today. >> this is the biggest thing that's ever happened in dearborn. >> reporter: in a town this small, word travels quickly. one man even claiming on his facebook that he's the winner, but until an official annou
: and from arizona, we have the story of a former surgeon general challenging a six-term congressman for an open seat. >> woodruff: plus on the daily download, margaret warner looks at another way to reach out to voters with last minute messages on twitter. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the losses in life and property kept growing today, in the wake of "sandy". the death toll reached 92 and the focus on physical damage shifted to new jersey, where the monster storm blasted barrier islands and other waterside cities. the massive force of the storm's destruction along the jersey shore came fully into view today. town after town presented stark scenes of wrecked homes and boats, underscoring the long p
and arizona. california didn't have a chance. we don't have power here but you will have a chance at 5:45. >>> they tried avoiding the fiscal cliff. they are meeting to discuss how to avoid a series of increases are ready to begin in january. he will do whatever it takes to get this done. meanwhile he will have lunch with his former mitt romney. the president would like to discuss mitt romney's ideas for making government efficient. >>> it seems we have a bit of a break but tara is in for sal and fortunately there is an accident in -- unfortunately there is an accident in napa. >>> yes, we also have an accident in the east bay to show you and this is in oakland and 880 northbound, we have a car that is blocking, somebody stalled and somebody else came along so it is a hit-and-run and we will keep an eye on that for you. you can see the traffic is flowing nicely and we have a hi wind in effect and traffic is flowing well in both directions on 280. >>> we are getting a little bit of a break here, we still have very light showers, a little midst to the north, but the front is up here and
and no delays up towards 795. >>> megan and charlie. >>> and the arizona congress woman faces the man who tried to kill her. >> what her husband had to say. >>> the after school program that has kids moving and getting into a healthy lifestyle. >>> and all right the storms are pretty much gone. can you use the iphone and find your temperatures. and clear, don't go air. we'll be right back. >>> there is an apartment fire in washington. this is new video showing you this t started after midnight our time in a two story building. >>> the first floor as flee market. the firefighters use lighter trucks to knock out the worst part of the fire. they are afraid the building may collapse. it is north of seattle. we don't know if anyone was inside or anyone has been hurt. >>> i will look forward to updates on that. >>> and the shooter in arizona was sentenced to seven life terms and 140 terms for the shooting spree in arizona. he pled guilty to charges, 19, all to avoid the death penalty. >>> and a the former astronaut said it was tough to come face to face with the man who tried to kill his wife. >> it
cambiar nas cosas en arizona. >>> la sala de la casa es el cuartel de campaÑa, toÑa ofelia la madre ayuda a organizar tanto, en el comedor marÍa elena planea estragias para que quiÑÓnez gane el puesto pÚblico. >>> un profesor es siempre un ejemplo, un ejemplo de lo que se tiene que hacer, y puede hacer. >>> hace meses el profesor fue parte de la portada de time, atrÁs de Él, habÍa un largo camino, traÍdo a estados unidos a los 5 aÑos, se criÓ en el seno de una familia originaria de durango mÉxico. creciÓ con 4 hermanos. >>> hay dos tipos de poder, el del dinero, y el de la gente. >>> decidiÓ entonces que marcarÍa la diferencia en el distrito roosevelt, uno de pobre representaciÓn hispana donde montaÑas limitan la ciudad de phoenix. >>> necesitamos los jÓvenes preparados que pasalgan y tomen riendas en el asunto. >>> con solo mil dÓlares e ingenio, el maestro marcelino, se lanzÓ a la arena polÍtica. >>> mi comadre hizo una rifa a 5 dÓlares con perfumes y cremas, y vendiÓ a cada primo y prima, al milar ra lista de donantes eran personas que muchos no pueden votar. >>>
from utah to arizona all the way through california. we're not going to see too much bad weather or heavy rain. there are light showers right over the top of seattle heading up i-5 and up into the mountains. anywhere from portland northward, you'll have a chance of hit and miss showers, especially in washington state. temperaturewise, it's chilly in the inner mountain west. right along the coast, we've warmed up a little bit. typical for this time of year. should be gorgeous around los angeles to phoenix and there's a chance of showers on and off, especially washington state. usually that's the end of the forecast. but i've got to show you how cold it is this morning in alaska, fairbanks right now is minus 22 degrees. the coldest temperatures of the year. today's highs aren't even going to get up to zero with sunshine. that's cold. that's a look at cloudy. bakersfield to san jose looking good, too, just the northwest with the clouds. >>> no huge storms coming, and we need to get a little warm-up for our friends 2in alaska. >>> the u.s. is poised to become the world's biggest oil
in milpitas, jacqueline road closed between north milpitas and arizona avenue, you want to avoid this area as well. macarthur maze closure for roadwork, westbound 580 to eastbound 80 until 5:00 this morning. golden gate bridge fog-free, roadwork at the northern earned. hardly anyone coming into san francisco now westbound. >>> good morning. live doppler 7 hd this morning picking up a lot of cloud cover around the bay we will be dry for another day. this morning not as foggy, we still have fog in the north and east bay, napa quarter mile visibility, concord 2 1/2 miles, fairfield a half mile elsewhere these numbers decrease throughout some of the morning hours, early morning hours, then we should be in good shape as the skies begin to thin out, the clouds. 50 fremont, 39 fairfield, 53 downtown, narrow range temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, partly cloudy the rain and wind heads our way tomorrow morning, out of here by midday and more rain late tomorrow. >>> breaking news from milpitas several streets are blocked while police investigate a confrontation that reportedly resulted in gun . one
ganó alguien que no se sabe, se vendió en arizona, el caso que para la mayorai de los que vivimos en estados unidos comprar los boletos de la lotería fue una de las peores inversiones, fuimos al lugar donde se vendió uno de los ganadores . >> con estos números arizona tiene un nuevo millonario gracias al powerball, la pregunta es quién será la otra persona que compartirá el premio . >> como lo dio a conocer la empleada, el ganador no ha reclamado el premio, se aconseja que lo fimre, busque un asesor financiero y lo guarde, tiene 180 días para cobrar el premio, éste es de 384 millones de dólares, el ganador compró 10 dólares en boletos . >> recibirá 25 mil dólares en bonos, aún no saben cómo serán utilizados, por el momento disfrutan la emoción . >> se busca saber si es uno de las personas del vecindario o es un jornalero . >> me da gusto por ellos, felicidad que se gane algo así, es emocionante . >> héctor es jardinero y le gustaría ganar el premio . >> los indocumentados pueden reclamar el premio . >> sí pueden cobrar el premio, pero los impuestos son más altos
dijo que la ley ademÁ rde arizona era una ley a seguir >>> y ahora hay importantes voces dentro del partido republicano, pidiendo cambios. hoy el senador marco rubio felicito al presidente obama por su victoria y asegurÓ sentirse privilegiado por haber hecho campaÑa con mitt romney. pero admitiÓ que el movimiento conservador debe tener un tract atractivo para la minorÍa y los republicanos deben trabajar pilas. >>> tienen que ponerle atenciÓn a jeff bush a personas mÁs moderadas para ganarse el respeto y el cariÑo de los latinos >>> si no dicen algunos estrategas lo ocurrido anoche pudiera repetirse en 4 aÑos, en boston massachusetts angie sandoval telemundo. y el senador republicano marco rubio no el Único que estÁ diciendo que el partido republicano debe hacer esa conexiÓn del bflamante senador e texas dijo que esta conexiÓn tiene que ser genuina josÉ >>> los hispanos jugaron un papel importante durante la campaÑa electoral, pero hasta quÉ punto el voto latino fue determinante para la reelecciÓn de obama. >>> no le dieron el respuesaldo voto latino y hoy pues estÁn
, it is here in the united states. time for a closer look. arizona. yes, america's largest gated community has had no gridlock for the last two years, none. and in 2011, they passed four times as many laws as congress. this was accomplished with aicism legislative tool, according to state representative david shapeera. >> the republicans are able to pass the bills through pretty quickly and easily because they have a super majority in both chambers. >> yes, a super majority. it's like a regular majority, but with a rare super power it's ability to treat others as invisible. with two-third of the state house in their control, republicans can pass pretty much anything. >> they passed a bill that said that the colt 45 would be the state gun. >> every state has a state gun. >> i don't think that's 2. there is a bill that defends us against some sort of like u.n. invasion. >> that's awesome. >> no, not really. >> sv1359 would say medical professional doesn't have to inform a woman during her pregnancy if the child has a birth defect. >> wow. it's just showboating at this point. really rubbing it in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,509 (some duplicates have been removed)